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Tyler and his Autism Service Dog, Cookie

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In March 2016, Jason Hackett, a reporter for WPTV, featured a story of 4 year old Tyler and his family’s journey to obtain an Autism Service Dog from Canines 4 Hope, an organization that trains service dogs for people with disabilities.

The article explains how Cookie will be trained to the specific needs of Tyler including bolting and running off. For complete story, visit WPTV, Palm City service dog to assist South Carolina 4 year old on the Autism spectrum

On Sep 23, 2016, WPTV reporter Jason Hackett caught back up with Tyler and Cookie to follow up on Tyler’s journey when Tyler and his family came to Canines 4 Hope in Palm City, Florida to pick up his Service Dog, Cookie. The bond was immediate and months of training were put to the test right away as Tyler’s mom explains,

“The other day we had a thunderstorm, and usually at home when there thunderstorms Tyler melts down and is so upset,” Kimberly says. “We just put Cookie over by him and he just calmed down.”

For the complete follow up story, A New Leash on Life: 4-year-old South Carolina boy on autism spectrum paired with local service dog

Recently, Tyler’s mother reached out to Canines 4 Hope to let us know how Tyler and Cookie are doing since they’ve arrived home with Cookie.

Here they are the other day before school. Tyler needed some deep pressure while I made breakfast and Cookie came to the rescue and helped keep him calm while I cooked.

Cookie, Autism Service Dog, applying deep pressure to his owner Tyler.

Cookie, Autism Service Dog, applying deep pressure to his owner Tyler.

For more information on Autism Service Dogs, visit or contact Canines 4 Hope Service Dog Trainer and owner, Jason DeVito, Phone:  1-855-885-6262.


Service Dog Fundraising

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Service Dog Fundraising, Service Dog Fundraiser

Service Dog Fundraising, Service Dog Fundraiser

How to Raise Money for a Service Dog & Ideas for Service Dog Fundraising

Service dog fundraising can seem a little overwhelming and coming up with ideas can be difficult. With any type of fundraising, it takes time and energy but with devotion, dedication, creative thinking and planning, anyone can fundraise for a service dog.

Canines 4 Hope’s goal is to provide some guidance for anyone who may need to set up a service dog fundraiser and offer some ideas, tips and suggestions that can make your fundraising efforts for a service dog successful and fun.

Steps for starting a Service Dog Fundraising Campaign

  1. Tell Your Story
    Difficult as it may be, it’s important to tell your story.  This allows your reader to feel connected and take interest. When writing your story, be yourself. Write in a way that you communicate on a daily basis because your initial donors will most likely be family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and your community. They already know you and how you communicate. So be yourself. You can also convey your story with compelling pictures and video. There will be opportunity for you to use all three during your fundraising campaign so take advantage of all mediums available. If at all possible, get a picture of the service dog that will be trained. People love to share pictures of dogs.
  2. Set a goal and share it!
    Services dogs don’t come without costs. Because of their specialized training, initial costs of obtaining a service dog can often cost thousands of dollars not including the ongoing cost of care including vet bills. This can become a financial strain. Be specific and upfront about the figure you need to raise for your service dog and feel free to share your goal. People who contribute like to keep track of your campaign and how close you are to meeting or exceeding your goal.
  3. Social Networking
    Facebook and twitter are powerful tools. Canines 4 Hope suggests at the very least, setting up a Facebook account for your service dog fundraiser. Have fun with it, tell your story, post frequently, giving updates on your campaign. You can even set up events via your Facebook page! Give updates about your efforts to raise the funds for a service dog and how you expect your dog to help you. Post pictures of yourself with your service dog on your blog and on Facebook. Pictures allow people to put a face to the story. Again if you don’t have pictures, contact your service dog trainer and request a few pictures.
  4. Set Up A Service Dog Fundraiser Campaign Online
    Now that you have your story in writing, your goal set and your social media page for your service dog set up, it’s time to make it easy for people to donate to your service dog fundraiser. In a few simple steps, you can create a service dog fundraising campaign online that allows people and groups to make a direct donation to your service dog fundraiser. There are plenty of Crowdfunding sites online. We might suggest”, or This is where you tell your story. Upload your pictures and hook up your social media pages that you just set up. These sites make this super easy! Just follow their step by step instructions and you’ll be set up to raise funds in just a few short minutes! Be sure to update your progress often on the fundraising site. People like to see how their donations are benefiting your cause. Let them know how your campaign is going and how specifically their funds are helping you reach your goal!

Service Dog Fundraising Tips

  1. Surfers for Autism fundraising event

    Surfers for Autism fundraising event

    Look to your Local Community!
    You’d be surprised how quickly your local community will come out to support your fundraising efforts. Reach out to your local churches, civic organizations such as, your local Boys/Girls Scout troops, local lodges and other service-based groups. Many churches and lodges often provide some financial assistance for medical needs to members of the local community. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to be a member of a church or lodge in order for them to help you. Also, have family and friends reach out to their churches, lodges and employers. When contacting organizations, explain why you need a trained service dog and ask if they have funds available that can assist you in any way. They may ask you to provide letter from your doctor verifying that you are in medical need of a service dog and/or a letter from the company that is training your service dog verifying the cost. They may even offer the opportunity to host a fundraising event on your behalf and offer ideas on fundraising for your service dog.

  2. Reach out to Organizations Who Raise Awareness
    Look to the organizations that raise awareness about your special need. For example, Diabetes Foundation, PTSD organizations, Autism Awareness groups and so on. They all have facebook pages. Don’t be afraid connect and reach out to them to request they share your story, ask them for suggestions on what you can do to help set up fundraising events that would benefit you while raising awareness about your special needs while promoting their organization at the same time. Many will be more than willing to send you several copies of their brochures which is a great tool to have at your fundraiser events and these organizations may offer additional ideas and suggestions for fundraising events. Tap into their years of experience and knowledge.
  3. Fundraising Events
    Now that you’ve tapped into your local community and reached out to awareness organizations you’ve probably gathered enough information on how to go about setting up additional fundraising events. Quite possibly, you may have had offers from your local community organizations to set up fundraiser events with donations going to you for your service dog. You may have even had offers from organizations or groups who may be willing or able to assist you plan, host or advertise for events such as a car wash fundraising event sponsored by your local Boy Scouts or local church Youth Group.
  4. Reach out to Local Businesses
    Reach out to your local restaurant owners, even the chain restaurants in your area, to see if they’d sponsor a fundraiser day with a portion of their day’s sales to help with your fund raising event. Ask if you can set out collection jars at local businesses. Some businesses may prefer to donate merchandise or services rather than cash. Use those donations to hold raffles and silent auctions at your event. 
  5. T-Shirts, Support Bracelets and other items customizable fundraising items
    Look online to design fundraiser t-shirts and support bracelets. You can design them and sell them at your events and promote online. This is a great way to allow someone to really get involved in selling items that can continually be purchased even after the event is over and it makes it easy for people wearing your awareness items to help spread the word as it will becomes a topic of conversation.

The more you speak with your local community about your efforts, the more fundraising ideas and offers will come your way. Most importantly, have fun!

Service Dog Fundraising Ideas
Canines 4 Hope has compiled a list of fundraising event ideas to help get those creative juices flowing. You can use many of these event suggestions in one fundraiser, hold multiple fundraisers or direct your friends and family here to this site to help give them ideas on how they can help organize a fundraising event with suggestions and tips to help make it a successful one!

Baby and Kids’ Clothes Resale Sale
Bake Sale
Barbecue Contest
Basketball Tournament
Battle of the Bands
Birthday Party
Beach Cleanup
Board Game Tournament
Book Club Fundraiser
Bowling Event
Bonfire Cookout Party
Cake Walk
Car Detailing
Car Wash
Card Tournament
Chili Cook-Off
Chili Dinner
Darts Tournament
Dodge ball Tournament
Dog Bakery
Dog or Cat Sitting
Dog Walking
Dog Wash
Dunk Tank
Face Painting
Fish Fry
Football Tournament
Fundraising Walk
Garage Sale
Golf Outings
Golf Tournament
Hayrack Rides
Haunted House
Hog Roast
Holiday Party
Hole-in-One Tournament
Horseshoe Tournament
Ice Cream Social
Karaoke Night
Kickball Tournament
Movie Night
Music Festival
Pancake Breakfast
Pizza Party
Pool Tournament
Rake Leaves
Recycle Drive
Restaurant Event (Restaurant donates portion of proceeds on specific date)
Scrapbook Party
Scavenger Hunt
Shovel Snow
Skate Party
Silent Auction
Spaghetti Dinner
Soccer Tournament
Softball Tournament
Talent Contest
Theme Dinner Party
Treasure Hunt
Trivia Night
Yard Sale
Youth Lock-In

Don’t forget to sell tickets to your event or party. Raffle away your donated items. Have a 50/50 draw. Make it fun and have fun!

Autism – One Family’s Journey

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Autsim Assistant Dogs are faithful companions that assist autistic children and families with activities of daily living as well as increasing the safety of the child.

Autism Service Dogs – Autistic Assistance Dogs

As a service dog trainer, I hear many heart-wrenching stories of the struggles people endure just to make it through a day.

Recently I was contacted about our Autism Service Dogs by a mother who has a 3 year old son with Autism. She shared with me a video, a very powerful video so I would be able to put faces with names and get a good idea of their family’s specific autism service dog needs. When I clicked on the video link. I was expecting something like “Hi, my name is___ and this is my son___”. Boy, was I wrong! This family put together a beautiful short but powerful visual documenting and highlighting their journey which includes the struggles their family endured to finally get to an autism diagnosis. Now they can finally focus on his needs. This is their journey with Autism.

If you know someone who is walking this same path, please share this touching and beautiful video. #AutismAwareness


For additional information on Autism Service Dogs contact:

Canines 4 Hope Dog Training Florida

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Canines 4 Hope has a New Website!! Visit Canines 4 Hope Dog Training Florida

Canines 4 Hope Dog Training Florida, Florida Dog Trainers

Canines 4 Hope Dog Training & Dog Training Services. Visit:

Canines 4 Hope Dog Trainers has been serving the Treasure Coast Florida with their dog training services for many years. However, on 5-14-2012, Canines 4 Hope unveiled a new look for the company including a new informative website highlighting their unique dog training services they provide to Treasure Coast Florida, as well as speciality training services for Service Dogs offer to clients nationwide.

Canines 4 Hope Dog Training in Stuart FL & Palm City FL provides Private In Home Dog Training:

Canines 4 Hope makes house calls! We also offer Dog Boarding and Training services. Canines 4 Hope Dog Training services: Obedience Dog Training, Behavioral Dog Training and Puppy Training are locally offered to dog owners in South Florida including Port St Lucie FL, Dog Training Stuart FL, Vero Beach FL, Jupiter FL, Jensen Beach FL, West Palm Beach FL and Martin County, St Lucie County and Palm Beach County on the Treasure Coast.

No Long Waiting Lists! Service Dogs and Service Dog Training to clients nationwide! Jason DeVito, Canines 4 Hope owner and certified service dog trainer specializes in training dogs to alert to specific medical conditions, retrieve medication and/or help and assist the owner. If you already have a dog, Jason can evaluate your dog to see if he/she is capable of being trained to service specifically for your medical condition. If you don’t have a dog but need a Service Dog, we will meet with you, discuss the details about your condition, needs and wants in the dog and we’ll find the perfect Service Dog for you. Canines 4 Hope will then train the dog custom to your medical needs. Many times we will go to our local dog shelters and find the perfect Rescue Dog for the job!

Service Dogs & Service Dog Training Canines for Hope dog trainers specialize in personalized dog training for Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Alert Dogs and offer:

Dog Boarding & Training Services Canines 4 Hope also offers board and train services for puppys and dogs. Located on the Treasure Coast: Fort Pierce FL, Stuart FL, Palm City FL, Vero Beach FL, West Palm Beach and Jupiter Florida. We can board your dog and train them while they are here at our dog training facility! Going away on a vaction and can’t take your dog with you? Bring your dog to Canines 4 Hope and will board and train your dog while your enjoying your vaction.

Contact: Canines 4 Hope Dog Training or call us: Phone: #772-631-4931